The easiest way to discover themes in customer conversations

Our AI-powered platform organically generates the deepest and most accurate breakdown of discussion topics in call transcripts, survey responses, and other freeform text -- no training required.

Use Cases
Chatbots and Virtual Assistants

Make your chatbot smarter by learning what questions your customers ask and how they ask them.

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Call Driver Analysis

Quickly and accurately determine the precise reasons your customers are calling.

Customer Experience and Satisfaction

Understand what drives NPS® and other loyalty metrics -- key issues, behaviors, motivators, and goals. Listen to every individual customer at scale.

How we're different
We change the rules of text analysis.
No preconceived notions

Don't guess what topics are in your data using pre-determined categories. Paradigm Sift discovers what's in your data.

Don't train us. We'll train you.

Our engine uses the context in your data to uncover trends, without keyword lists or manually labelled data.

Deeper comprehension

Don't settle for high-level categories. Get the deepest, most comprehensive breakdown of the hundreds of distinct themes in your customer conversations.

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